Dr. Zakiya Luna, UCSB (Principal Investigator; CA, DC,PA and TX Coordinator)

Collaborators for Phase 2 (Interviews)

    Dr. Chandra Russo  (Colgate University)

Research Assistants:

Cierra Sorin (UCSB doctoral student)

Amoni Thompson (UCSB doctoral student)

Collaborators for Phase 1 ( Ethnography/participant survey 1)

Dr. Kristen Barber (Collaborator, St.Louis Lead)

Dr. Selina Gallo-Cruz (Collaborator, Boston Lead)

Dr. Kelsy Kretschmer (Collaborator, Portland Lead)

Site Leads:


  • Austin, TX-Anna Chatillon (UCSB doctoral student)
  • Los Angeles, CA -Fatima Suarez (UCSB doctoral student)
  • Philadelphia, PA - Alex Kulick (UCSB doctoral Student)
  • Portland, OR - Professor Kesly Kretschmer (Oregon State University)
  • St. Louis, MO-Professor Kristen Barber (Southern Illinois University-Carbondale)
  • Boston, MA-Professor Selina Gallo-Cruz (College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA)
  • Washington DC-Professor Zakiya Luna (UC Santa Barbara) and Professor Chandra Russo (Colgate University)